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Ref: MARP1242

Barcelona Nordküste | Maresme - Llavaneres | Sant Vicenç de Montalt - Sant Andreu de Llavaneres | Haus

Masterful Avant-Garde and Contemporary Design with Excellent Sea Views

This magnificent property, Puig and Cadafalch Award of architecture and interior design of the 94, has more than 2 hectares of land and 480 m2 built surface. The house...

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22.000 m2480 m253 1.250.000 €
Ref: ALRP0021

Barcelona Umgebung - Sant Cugat del Vallès | Valldoreix | Haus

Design and Luxury Villa in Sant Cugat

With its sharp forms, minimalist concepts and the correct palette of materials, this residence exquisite shows its best. Located in the exclusive area of Sant Cugat del...

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760 m2670 m264 4.500.000 €
Ref: MARP1240

Barcelona Nordküste | Maresme - Andere Zonen Barcelona Nordküste | Haus

A Luxury Within a Walking Distance From the Beach in Masnou

Elegant and stately, this magnificent property of sun-filled spaces, emanates a welcoming and personal style. Natural light is the common thread of each stay and becomes...

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1.383 m2777 m255 2.400.000 €
Ref: MARP1220

Barcelona Nordküste | Maresme - Llavaneres | Sant Vicenç de Montalt | Haus

Fusion of Art and Design in Supermaresme

This singular property is located in the one of an of the most prestigious developments of the coast of the Maresme, enjoys of a shocking interior design and wonderful...

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2.053 m2604 m243 1.900.000 €
Ref: MARP1231

Barcelona Nordküste | Maresme - Andere Zonen Barcelona Nordküste | Haus

Rustic essence and Mediterranean scent in Arenys de Munt

This property, which exudes charm and personality, is located close to the Can Jalpí gardens, at a short walking distance from the city centre and 10 minutes from...

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907 m2382 m254 570.000 €
Ref: BCNP1717

Barcelona Stadt - Eixample - Eixample Left | Haus

Luxurious Chalet in the Center of Barcelona

This is the one of the very few chalets of great luxury that exists in the center of Barcelona. No doubt, it is a luxury to enjoy large interior spaces and a great...

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500 m2500 m265 3.150.000 €
Ref: ALRP0026

Barcelona Umgebung - Sant Cugat del Vallès | Valldoreix | Haus

Impressive Villa in Sant Cugat del Vallès

Located in the heart of Valldoreix, one of the most cosmopolitan and residential neighbourhoods of Sant Cugat del Vallès. Just 9 km from the center of Barcelona...

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1.648 m2800 m2 1.950.000 €
Ref: SITP1177

Barcelona Südküste - Sitges | Haus

Luxury House For Sale in Can Girona

Spectacular mansion for sale in the exclusive area of Can Girona, Sitges. This home of new construction has incredible views to the sea and the golf course. The...

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2.575 m2972 m275P.O.R.
Ref: SITP1180

Barcelona Südküste - Sitges | Grundstück

A Plot for Sale with Sea Views

The urban plot with southeast orientation, sea views and views to Sitges. It allows the construction of a single-family house of two floors with a swimming pool. The...

1.500 m2 360.000 €
Ref: SITP1176

Barcelona Südküste - Andere Zonen Barcelona Südküste | Haus

Rustic property consisting of 4 completely refurbished houses

Initially, in the 11th century, the House was a defense tower from the medieval period, of circular plant, built with irregular stone ashlars. Next to it was a medieval...

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1.360 m2725 m2157 2.200.000 €